Well, yes and no. 

I really thought by this time all the big decisions would be made and we would just be coasting.  But for some reason life seems more complicated, and decisions are harder to make.  When we were younger we had more time to change direction if a decision turned out to be the wrong one but now the window for correction is narrowing. 

Everyone knows the big decisions can be difficult but Monty and I can’t even seem to make the small ones.  When did it become so hard to make up our minds?  

A typical conversation at our house.

 “Do you want to go to the Tubac art festival and look around?” 

 “Yeah, I guess we could drive down there but it’s mostly freeway” 

“Did you want to buy something special?”

 “Not really, we never buy anything at art festivals.”  

“We could have lunch.” 

“Why would we drive 45 miles on the freeway for lunch?.” 

 “Do you want to go?” 

“I don’t care, do we have to change clothes?”


“Do you want to go to the movies?” 

“I don’t know, what’s on at the cheap seats?” 

“There was something on we wanted to see.” 

“What was it?” 

“I can’t remember” 

“If you can’t remember we probably don’t need to go” 

“Maybe there is a movie on TV.”   

“Good, we won’t have to change clothes.”

Don’t even get me started on eating out. “Where do you want to eat?” somehow becomes a major debate.  Really, how tough is it to decide where to eat? It’s one meal not a career change. If it turns out to be a good meal, great, but if it doesn’t, is it really such a big deal?  After all it isn’t your last meal, just one in, let’s say 98,000. Three meals a day times the 90 years you expect to live. If you really think about it, it doesn’t matter anyway tomorrow morning it’s sewage.  (I know, gross) but am I right? I don’t want to spend forty-five minutes evaluating the pros and cons of twenty  restaurants on Trip Advisor.  Let’s just forget it, we have left overs and we won’t have to change clothes.

Another common conversation:  I say, 

“I’d like to get Mexican food and a Margarita.” 

Monty replies “Or we could get Italian ”. 

 “What’s wrong with Mexican and a Margarita?”   

“I just thought you might want pasta, or hey, we could get Chinese”

“What happened to the Mexican food?” 

“I just want to make sure you’ve considered all the choices”  

“I don’t want to consider all the choices, I just want Mexican food”. 

“Oh, well OK,  I guess we have to change clothes.”


I really need that Margarita


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  1. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    All decisions should be made with rock paper scissors (winner gets Mexican food) or the toss of a coin, heads you go, tails you don’t have to change clothes.

  2. Cindy Lutz
    Cindy Lutz says:

    I’m seeing a resemblance here of Bob and I. I always tried to accommodate where he wanted to eat. I like trying new places and he likes the comfort of restaurants he’s been to and knows. I mean if you got to 31 flavors ice cream shop and you choose vanilla— well there you go.


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