We have a new member of the family,  Miss Daisy, who joined our traveling band on September 29th.  We lost our beloved Zoe this summer and as heartbreaking as it was to lose her; we knew there would be another canine companion in our future.  

After much deliberation we decided to search for a puppy to bring home in the fall before the snow flies in other parts of the country. Here in Tucson we can enjoy several months of outdoor puppy time in the winter sunshine and we will be all set to travel next summer.     

We’ve had two standard poodles and loved them both.  They were smart, fun and spirited companions. We enjoyed the inquisitive nature and intelligence of poodles but they can be rowdy.   Both Mattie and Zoe came from New Hampshire, but making that trip was out of the question.  

Maybe mixing a Golden Retriever and a Poodle might produce a smaller, calmer, laid back dog.    Monty researched dozens of websites and we talked to knowledgeable dog people.   Our decision finally rested with Tamarisk Ridge Golden Doodles, in Spokane, Washington.  Since we love a good road trip, a perfect plan was coming together.  Spend some time on the coast of Oregon, travel through the Columbia Gorge and head over to Washington.

Daisy is a Golden Doodle, (Ok, a designer mutt) her mom is a cream  Golden Retriever, dad, is a red Standard Poodle.  She has a longish silky honey colored coat now but it is a puppy coat and that usually changes as they get older.  Daisy is a sweet little girl, all snuggly and warm with puppy breath that will warm your heart.  She loves to sit on our laps and freely offers a few good licks on the neck before she decides to test her razor sharp puppy teeth on any spot available for a nibble.  

While she was one of the smaller members of this litter of eleven she is quite a chow hound and seems to be growing into her feet, which is a bit scary.  On her first vet visit she was fun size at six and half pounds.  Just a perfect snuggle.  At her next visit, four weeks later, she weighed in at a whopping thirteen and a half pounds.  We’re going to need more lap!  We’ve started referring to her as Miss Butterball.  

How quickly we forget a puppies capacity for mischief. Any septuagenarian who brings home a puppy has forgotten all about puppies. Daisy loves to untie shoe laces, while in attack mode she can beat the most terrifying pant leg into submission.  

Our conversation has deteriorated to potty talk, Daisy, go pee, pee, good girl. No potty in the house, outside, outside, hurry. Yeah, she made it.  Oops, not quite, bring the paper towels

The long ride home gave us ample time to tell Daisy stories about Zoe.  She loved the funny stories, especially the one about the time mom made dad one of his favorites cakes with chocolate icing.  

Zoe was known for her midnight treks  around the house looking for trouble. When it came time for bed mom checked the kitchen for a safe place to store the cake. The oven seemed like a good place to tuck the cake for safe keeping. The next night mom pre-heated the oven for a casserole and forgot the cake was stored there.   By the time she remembered the cake, it was a little  dry and the frosting was melting but she put a scoop of ice cream on the cake and dad could hardly tell it was twice baked.   

Recognizing the error of her ways mom didn’t put the cake back into the oven that evening.  She left the cake on top of the stove as far back as it would go.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t far enough.   On Zoe’s nightly foray she managed to reach the cake and drag it over to the edge of the stove.  She pawed at the cake and licked the pan clean. 

Now here is the funny part, this really tickled me,  Zoe didn’t lick the chocolate frosting off her feet and in the morning there  were big chocolate paw prints all over the kitchen floor.  

I hope mom and dad keep sharing these stories, I’m getting some good ideas here.  It’s going to be a challenge living up to Zoe’s escapades but when I get a little bigger I bet I can create some of my own excitement around here.  

     Mom said she could write a book about the mischief Zoe caused.  


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