Snow in the dessert isn’t unheard of, but when is snows ALL morning, that is news worthy.  The snow was beautiful and the quiet was deafening.  We sat in the cozy house and watched the snow fall and answered the phone a lot.  Friends from all across town kept calling to tell us it was snowing at their house. Desert dwellers are a little nuts when it snows. 

It was the kind of day that called for chili and fresh bread from the oven.  Unfortunately we didn’t have the fixin’s for chili and the ‘take and bake’ bread we like is seldom on hand.  If we were going to put the topping on this perfect snowy day it meant a trip up to the grocery store.  

We are fortunate to have a local market up the hill from us, no stop lights, no traffic, just a winding drive up through the foothills.  The drive was lovely, as always, but this time saguaro cactus were wearing white frosty hats and the arms of the cholla were beginning to drip lacy ice. 

I talked Monty into going with me and convinced him we should take Miss Daisy for a ride to see the snow.  He dropped me at the front door of the store and found a parking spot.  Miss Daisy stuck her nose to the window so Monty ran the window down for her.  

A guy pulled in the parking spot next to Monty and reached in the window to pet Daisy.  He was exuberant about Daisy and said he’d really like to have her.   Miss Daisy is cute and her mischievous personality is hidden behind those cute ears.  He said he’d give us $150 for her, oh, well $250, OK $300, he said his mother would love her. Did I mention this guy was no spring chicken, I imagine his retirement party was just a distant memory.  I’m guessing here, but I don’t think his mom would be excited to have this puppy. 

Getting to the point of this story, when I appeared at the front door of the store, my chariot wasn’t waiting for me. I was surprised to see Monty walking across the parking lot to meet me.  Once again the Honda battery was dead, I guess the last gasp was opening the window for Daisy.  So there we sat, debating the alternatives.  We seldom go to the grocery together and now there is no one home to answer the call for help.  

This Honda CRV has been one of the most exasperating cars we have ever owned.  Monty swears the battery isn’t big enough to run a lawnmower, let alone a car, heaven forbid you run the air conditioner and the radio at the same time.  The Honda is the car we tow behind the motorhome and kicking it to the curb would mean a lot of work setting up another car to tow.  

We have jumper cables and Monty has a lot of experience using them, BUT, the cables were in the motorhome, readily available if there is trouble with the Honda on the road.  So here we sat until our new BFF arrives back at his car next to us.  He doesn’t have jumper cables but he knows how to do the jumper thing.  We pretty much have the expertise covered we just don’t have the cables.   

I volunteer to go in and ask if any of the bagger guys might have cables.  In the mean time, Monty and our BFF are standing in the cold next to our car,  when BFF starts shouting, and he has a big voice, ‘We have a problem here, anyone have jumper cables, we need some help here, jumper cables anyone?”  I can see Monty cringing, but I just kept on walking.  

Would you believe, a young lady from three rows over yells back, “I have cables”.  Apparently she was in the same position last week and she was eager to show off her shiny new battery, while she uncoiled her pristine cables.  

There were high fives all around when the Honda roared to life.  Five of us stood around patting the hood encouraging the damn thing to hang on until we got home.   It wasn’t the quick trip we planned but we met some nice people and we were happy to have the help.  

The hot chili and warm bread were perfect for the cold winter night.  We had a glass of wine and laughed about our BFF telling his mom about Miss Daisy.  

I couldn’t resit asking  Monty about the $300 offer, “Really, were you tempted?” He gave me a droll look and I know he was thinking we just couldn’t do that to the guy’s mom. 


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  1. Greg
    Greg says:

    Wow, what a lost opportunity. You could have left the dog and the car in the parking lot and taken an Uber. Eventually someone would have taken both of them and you would have eliminated two problems with one stroke.

    • Carrie Bonello
      Carrie Bonello says:

      I don’t know why we didn’t think of that! We are lovin’ Miss Daisy but the car wouldn’t be missed.

  2. Glenn
    Glenn says:

    I like Greg’s idea, then you could get one of those life like dogs all curled up and put it by the fire place when your home and on the RV’s dash when your on the road. And the insurance money from the Honda would buy you two new electric bikes, no towing necessary.


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