Most of you know me and maybe met my better half, Monty.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him, I will tell you he is smart, funny, focused and definitely the better half.  We are joined at the hip and do almost everything together.  We will both tell you our lives are richer since we found each other thirty years ago.  I tell you all this because I’m going to tell a little story but I want you to understand while it is absolutely true and made me laugh,  it in no way diminishes our bond.

It was Friday about 11:45 a.m. when I came home from fitness class and Monty met me at the door.  He has something he wants to tell me. This will probably not be about the current political situation or the chance of an astroid hitting Tucson anytime soon, but it is important to him and he is eager to tell me.  It is about a music concept he is working on.  I have to admit, right up front, the only thing I understand about music is the dial on the radio set to classic rock.  

Knowing my hubby, I’m aware he is a bit anxious about lunch because lunch at our house is 12:00, it is as predictable as the sunrise and I’m good with it.  I scoot around him and start preparing lunch, OK, I open a can of Campbell’s soup and grab the sauce pan. We are preforming the usual kitchen dance, he goes this way and I stand in the way so he moves the other way, I move back and he follows my lead. All the while he is talking about a song he is working on.  He starts humming a few bars while I grab the garbage from under the sink, tie up the bag and head for the door, he follows, now humming a different song that I should recognize.  I open the back door and head for the garbage can, he follows along now giving me the words to the hummed song.  I go out the gate, lift the lid on the garbage can and toss the bag, he waits at the gate still humming, he has now picked up another song that is similar but not the same.  Really, I thought it was identical.  We return to the house and I snatch a new bag for the trash container, stir the soup, grab some crackers, fruit, cookies, nuts, spoons, and napkins. We have apparently moved on to another song that has no relationship to any of the others but is a possible substitute.  I pour the soup into the bowls and we sit down to eat.  He has never lost his train of thought and I’ve never figured out quite what he is talking about.  So it goes at our house sometimes.

I wouldn’t change a minute of it.  

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  1. Pat
    Pat says:

    I can visualize the whole thing. Seems like I can remember a few similar times with each of my kids, not regarding music but something else.


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