Marilyn’s prayer design

I found the most delightful book on prayer tucked away on a back shelf of the library. Sybil MacBeth wrote this charming book entitled Praying in Color. She has a marvelous way of enjoying conversations with God, that really resonated with me.  

Some of her observations made me smile as I realized I have similar feelings.  Two that got my attention were, “Your prayers feel more like a list for Santa Claus than a love letter to God” and “You are sure everyone you know is a better and more effective pray-er than you are”

I had to laugh when she stated, “If prayer is a credit course in the kingdom of heaven I’m in trouble.  The report card grade of C- would probably state: not enough detail, wandering attention, too many cliches, too little time and effort,  too much fidgeting . . .”  Yep, been there! As Sybil says, “I’m not much of a prayer warrior,  I’m more of a prayer popper.  Quick little messages tossed toward heaven.”

Ms MacBeth shares her wit and charm in this fun read.  When not busy writing she leads workshops for people of all ages, to introduce a way of praying that just might add that bit of needed inspiration.  She says, ‘Prayer is the glue that holds all of the pieces of life together in a spiritual whole.  It reminds us of who we are and whose we are.  I love that.

Ms MacBeth’s workshop tools include drawing paper, colored markers and enthusiasm for prayer.  She explains how she uses this approach to prayer by making a freeform design on the page. She places the name of the person she has on her heart in the center.  As she colors the freeform design she thinks about this person and the prayer she is putting forth on their  behalf.  If it is a family she is praying for she adds more designs attached to the first one, each design starts with a name, and as the design grows and blends she continues to pray for each member of the family. 

I shared this book with my sister, Marilyn, and she enjoyed it immensely.  Marilyn has always loved to create designs and to color, so this was perfect for her. When I  was a little girl and she was a teenager we would lay on the floor together and color for hours. After she read Praying in Color she created the design above for our family.  It’s a little hard to read here but trust me, it is lovely and the whole family is included.  I keep a copy of it handy on my nightstand.  

If you are looking for inspiration for your daily meditation or prayer time, consider adding Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth to your library. 


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