Cabin fever?  Maybe you finished the taxes and answered the census survey now you can hunker down and binge-watch Netflix. It would have been nice to have some March madness fun, but that is just not going to happen.  Monty mentioned the Corn Hole championships were on ESPN but I think he was putting me on.

It is not the time to be running around all willy nilly, unless you are out of toilet paper.  In that case your best bet is the Texaco station on the corner, for goodness sakes don’t actually use the potty, but check out the possibility of snagging an extra roll of paper. I don’t want to start a trend or anything but it beats breaking into your neighbors garage to grab some Charmin.  

Last week Monty and I made a grocery run along with several hundred of our friends and neighbors.  The store was a mad house but we were able to get the things we needed, except for chicken, apparently chicken is a high priority for home cooking.  It was disconcerting to see the meat counter empty.  

We made a quick return trip today to  restock the milk and bread and produce.  Although we do pay attention to the local news we weren’t  prepared for so many empty shelves. No beans, rice, pasta, crackers, soup, or bacon. We noticed a little internal panic.  If everyone is buying all this food do they know something we don’t know?  Quick should we fill a cart?    

If we were younger we would consider a retirement side hustle stocking shelves.  I wonder if it is an issue of ‘just in time’ warehouse storage, lack of delivery trucks or people to restock.  We know the panic buying is to blame for the first wave of hoarding but why hasn’t that subsided?  Cars must be parked in the driveways now to make room for the extra supplies filling the garages.

Fresh produce was the only area of the store that seemed fully stocked, everything in its right and perfect place, except the little plastic bags for the individual apples, oranges, peppers, etc.  Since the snack food aisle was a little sparse maybe we will all discover a love for fresh fruit.

My sister-in-law, Carol and I face-timed yesterday, I was reminded of her beautiful silver hair.  I’ve often commented, I wish my hair would decide what it wanted to be, but I continue to look more like a calico cat than a silver fox.  Carol and I are about the same age, she just wears it better.  She called to tell me she went to the local Walmart last week and saw a gentleman wearing a surgical mask. He proceeded to walk up to her and ask why she wasn’t wearing a mask.  She isn’t too concerned about the virus and said as much.  The man looked stunned and replied, “At your age you should be wearing a mask” and stomped off.  She was too stunned to reply.  

The pharmacist, from inside our local Target store, called to remind me it was time to get my second shingles vaccine. They had a limited supply of the vaccine available at this time and I could get my second dose and Monty could get his first one.  Monty and I discussed the pros and cons of a trip thru Target to the pharmacy and although we didn’t think it was the best idea, the vaccine may go the way of toilet paper and then where would we be.  Our nearest Walgreens has a shingles vaccine wait list of 300 people so maybe we better take the opportunity while it is available.  We tossed some hand sanitizer in our pockets and off we went to be the first people in line at the pharmacy at 9:00 a.m. 

It was a bit of a wait to get all the information entered into their computer system and all the while we were inching away from the huddle of people standing around the coughing, sneezing, runny nose supplies. 

The pharmacist was very nice but unless he was reallllllllly good at darts this wasn’t going to happen while practicing social distancing.  I expected him to be wearing a mask but he wasn’t.  I’ve always disliked the touch screens at the pharmacy, seems to be counter productive to the clean hands theory, but I dutifully poked the buttons and scrawled something that resembled my name on the pad.  Do you think the pharmacies use sanitizer on the touch pads at the end of the day?  Somehow I doubt it, that’s why we wanted to be the first customers.   

Other than the grocery and the trip to the pharmacy we have been perfectly happy to be at home.  We are fortunate to be best friends and really do enjoy each others company.  Monty is working on a project in the garage so he is a happy man.  I’ve done some closet downsizing and that makes me happy.  We snagged several books from the library just before it closed for the duration.  We might have to learn to download books to the I-pad. The weather is beautiful and if we get a little antsy here at our ‘cabin’ we just take a ride in the car and look at some wild flowers.  

Take care out there, stay home, and wash your hands!

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  1. Glenn Gilmore
    Glenn Gilmore says:

    You seem not too inconvenienced by this i should try to learn something
    from this. On the other i’m getting great milage (mpg) on my truck in the

  2. Anne
    Anne says:

    Well,If they DONT clean the touch screens at the end of the day being first in line doesn’t help much!! Thanks for the lift of your newest musing.

  3. Pat
    Pat says:

    Some chores just don’t get done in my house normally. Seems it takes a pandemic to get my water heater drained (we are supposed to do that) and my oven cleaned. Who knows what could be next.

    • Carrie Bonello
      Carrie Bonello says:

      OK, Pat, that is waaaaay over the top. making me feel lazy, I’m thinking more about finding another book to read.

  4. Evita
    Evita says:

    Good to hear life in AZ is the same as CO. We are thinking of packing up the camper and heading out to the middle of nowhere next week and stay at least 2 weeks. Maybe by then the pandemic will have corrected itself. One can only hope.

    • Carrie Bonello
      Carrie Bonello says:

      It is kind of crazy out there. I see you are keeping busy with yard work, good for you. I seem to be more into just sitting and reading. Sad
      state of affairs!


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