What’s your sign? It’s a cliche pick up line, a conversation starter, if you will.  Delving into Zodiac signs was a popular pastime in the 70’s and 80’s.  Like the daily newspaper column by Dear Abby, there was always a column for daily Horoscopes. 

I generally don’t know someone very long before I find out when to sing Happy Birthday.  I’m drawn to extroverted Libras, and I’m not surprised when I get acquainted with a new friend to discover their birthday is somewhere between September 23rd and October 22nd.  However, my life is most impacted by the Sagittarius sign, those folks with birthdays between November 23 and December 21. 

The two primary culprits  are my sister, Marilyn (1930) and my hubby, Monty (1943)  both born on December 7th. The list of Sagittarians doesn’t end there, but includes, a grand daughter, great-grand son, a sister-in-law, niece by marriage, and several close friends.  Out of curiosity, I look for similarities in the group. Other than the fact that I love these folks I don’t always see a lot of similarities. With Monty and Marilyn it is a different story.  

I’ve never met two more focused individuals, for example, if a jigsaw puzzle is on the table there is no stopping them until the last piece is in place. They, are obsessed with finding the next piece and aren’t satisfied until the puzzle is complete. Hours will pass by unnoticed they are so intent.  I, on the other hand, can walk by a puzzle all day and feel no obligation to search for the blue flower that fits next to the red barn.  

Neither of them suffer fools gladly.  They are governed by their own inner sense of right and wrong and it shouldn’t be trifled with.  Where they see black and white, I tend to see a lot of gray.  Rules are perfect for Marilyn, she loved living the military lifestyle,  lots of rules and everyone followed them.  Monty isn’t so much of a rules guy but lives with integrity and won’t flaunt rules that are for the greater good.  I understand the need for rules, but I prefer the much softer term, guidelines.  I’m a Libra and we like to keep things in balance, rules are harsh, guidelines are softer and easier for me to live with.   

Marilyn’s senior group was learning to play a beanbag toss game and we went to the first session together.  A volunteer explained the rules, score keeping, etc.  Teams of two stood at opposite ends and tossed bean bags.  The first team to score 21 points won.  It was pretty straight forward, except it took too long for a team to reach 21.  The spectators were getting antsy waiting for their turn.  When we left the game I suggested to Marilyn that the game would move along faster if they played to 15 instead of 21.  She stopped in her tracks and announced the rules clearly state 21.  See, I’m a bit gray on that one, but to her there are rules and that’s it.  

The one big difference between Marilyn and Monty is Marilyn’s need to purge. Nothing makes my sister happier then identifying something she needs to get rid of.  The other day she was busy looking for a piece of paper to throw away.  Who looks for a piece paper to throw away?  Don’t you just stumble on a piece of paper and decide you don’t need it?  I didn’t know you actually searched for it.  

Monty, on the other hand will not get rid of anything. Everything he owns is a treasure, his favorite shirt, (they are all his favorites) the cowboy boots that would fit if he could stretch them just a little bit.  I never throw away even a scrap of paper with his writing on it.   Every tiny piece of paper he has ever scribbled a note on must reviewed, mainly to see if everything has been checked off the list.  I make a list and toss it when the task is complete. I don’t know if Libras are especially laid back or we simply lack focus.  

If Monty mentions he wants or needs something from the store, I might as well change my clothes because we are going to the store within the hour. Everything is important and if not having the item was worth mentioning it is worth remedying.  So change your shoes. 

I don’t like clutter, so I usually return things to their proper place just so they aren’t sitting around. Monty lives by the motto, ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. It is a rule.

With Monty, everything is always where it is supposed to be, unless I moved it. Not only are the scissors always in the same drawer, but in the correct space allotted for scissors in the drawer.  If the scissors are not there Monty is at a loss, obviously he wasn’t the last person to use them or they would be in that now empty space. He has no idea where to look but like a man on a mission he will not rest until the scissors are found and he puts the world back in perfect order.  

To his credit, Monty never misplaces, or loses anything it’s like some sort of miracle. He’s had the same pair of Walgreens sunglasses for twenty-five years, they are always returned to the case after use and certainly never lost or misplaced.  I’ve had fifteen pair in that time but they get misplaced or too scratched to use.  Admittedly the way he lives is a good thing, but can it be sort of annoying.  

Living with a Saggitarian requires a lot of patience, I don’t find that listed in the Libra traits,  and it’s not my strong suit.  But thankfully, compromise is!  Patience must be paramount in the Saggie because both Marilyn and Monty are incredibly patient with me.  Love these two.


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  1. Raef Dianne
    Raef Dianne says:

    Thank you thank you this is the funniest thing I have read in so long I am still chuckling as I respond. On our trip to India they took us to the worlds largest astronomical Sundial with markings not only of the days but of the hours of the day in certain positions. When someone is to be married they hire and an astrologer as a matchmaker. It’s amazing how it works in their lives but in an astrologer is in high demand there & there are few divorces! Guess I better investigate this more! But first I need another chuckle and will re-read your musing!!

    • Carrie Bonello
      Carrie Bonello says:

      Thanks for reading me I’m so glad you got a chuckle out of this musing. An astrologer as a matchmaker is interesting.

  2. Glenn Gilmore
    Glenn Gilmore says:

    Well, another glimpse into our lives, funny how these are seen by others and we might see them in ourselves. But they seem right when you bring them out in your musings. These help us get thru this stay home period thanks!

  3. sandy lorenz
    sandy lorenz says:

    Us Sagittarius have to stick together. We’re a good group, driven to do
    our best in life & help others along the way.

  4. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    The daily horoscopes are still a thing, but today it’s on an app. Katie reads everyday and like you is always finding out peoples signs. I’m a Leo – so I don’t have any patience or organization – but if you want to conquer the world – i’m your girl – if you just wait until i find my shoes.


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