Polaris 2016

The plan is coming together.  We are taking the RZR up to Utah to ride the trails. Over the years we have ridden hundreds of miles on ATV trails in Utah and Colorado.  When Monty and I met in 1990 the first trip we took was up to Utah to tent camp and ride double on Monty’s dirt bike. That was my first tent camping and riding experience.  I was hooked and Monty decided we were a match made in heaven.  

Preparing for this adventure is nothing like packing a suitcase and driving to the airport.  First we give a quick wash to the motorhome, next in line for a spit bath is the RZR.   Then there is tire pressure marathon, and battery checks. Monty has a thing about tire pressures and batteries. He also has a lug nut thing but I won’t go into that.  After verifying the tire pressure on the RV, trailer and RZR (total 12) he is satisfied we will get where we are going without a tire issue.  

Batteries are a different issue.  Tucson’s weather is hard on batteries and the one that actually starts and keeps the RV on the road (as opposed to the ones that run all the other stuff in the coach) is about due to be replaced.  My diligent guy isn’t going to start out on a trip with that hanging over our heads so off we go to Costco for a new battery.  Other than the ordeal to get the battery out of it’s hidey hole in the RV and into the back of the Honda and back into the RV we were only in Costco few  minutes and came out with a shiny new battery.  Great, we are on a roll.  

Next is the juggling act of getting things in line and hooked up.   The RZR comes out of the shed and gets hooked up to the trailer.  Monty drives it up close  (but not too close) behind the RV.  Chock the trailer, disconnect the RZR and reposition it behind the trailer.   Take the Honda hitch off the RV and replace it with the trailer hitch.  Back up the RV so the hitch is lined up to the trailer.  Connect the trailer to the RV, let down the tailgate on the trailer and drive the RZR to its place of honor.  Use all the tie downs to get it situated and comfy.  Time to check the lights on coach and trailer. Running lights? check, brake lights, check, left turn signal, check right turn, check. All good, only once did we wait until the morning of lift off to do this preflight check.  Nothing worse than a malfunction in the lighting to put a crimp in the beginning of a trip.    

Then comes the fun part, getting the cover on the RZR.  It is similar to putting a fitted sheet on a refrigerator.  Once

Covered ready to travel

we figure out the front/back puzzle we started throwing it over our heads hoping to snag something on the RZR to give us a start.  After a few tries we managed to get it high enough to catch one of the mirrors.  Monty jumps on the trailer and grabs the far side so it doesn’t slip off again.  The first time we did this it became obvious there was no way to run the tie down straps under the machine without crawling under it.  That wasn’t even a remote possibility, so Monty got an old telescoping rod from a car wash brush and attached a wire and hook to act as a ‘fish’ and we were in business passing the straps under the machine like magic.  The handle slides back small enough to fit in the RV compartment.  

We are used to working together and  like a well oiled machine we had the whole loading/hitching up process done before the sun was too hot.  We dusted off our hands, did a high five and  headed for the house to work on THE LISTS.  The pages (yes, I said pages!) are spread out on the kitchen island.  There is the Take With List, Loading Check List, Grocery List, Meal Plan List,  Daisy’s List, Clothes and Personal Items List, Tool List and the important  Don’t Leave Home Without  Doing List.  Monty is eager to  grab the red pen to check off the loading accomplishments of the morning.  

This afternoon Daisy started barking like Godzilla was about to attack. I looked out and she was looking at the RZR setting up on the trailer.  It was definitely something out of place in her domaine and she wasn’t having any of it.  It took some soothing to persuade her it was all OK.  

Ou r first dog, Mattie, used to ride with us on our ATV.  Monty made her a ‘side box’. The picture on the left  was taken outside Moab, Utah.  We stopped in this area to ride and after a morning ride we went back to the camper to rest a bit.  We looked around and Mattie was sitting in her spot on the ATV.  On this particular trip the weather turned cold and windy while we were out riding.  We were bundled up in sweat shirts but Mattie looked cold.  We stopped and got an extra sweatshirt and slipped her front legs into the sleeves and poked her head thru the neck and she was all toasty for the ride back to camp.  Mattie was a great dog, she loved to hike and explore with us, picture on the right was taken on one of many trips to the high country of Colorado.

High Country, Colorado

High Country, Colorado

Mattie in Her Spot on the ATV

Mattie in Her Spot on the ATV

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  1. Tricia
    Tricia says:

    There isn’t anything the two of you can’t do! If i ever need a fitted sheet on the fridge – i’ll give you a call 🙂


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