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Click Reserve!

 Every once in a while I enter a ‘dead zone’ searching for an enjoyable read.  It just seems nothing I pick up is what I want to read at that moment.   I feel a let down until I find the perfect book that sets me back on track again.   Recently I was closing […]

Potty Talk

According to Google, and who would argue with the Big G., Sir John Harington (1562-1612) was the inventor of the flushable toilet.  Thanks  to Johnny Carson, the only name I’ve ever associated with a toilet is none other than, Thomas Crapper. Oh, the irony!  A little background here, Mr. Crapper was an English businessman and […]

January 1949

When January rolls around I’m reminded of our move to Tucson. Not unlike the Beverly Hillbillies we arrived in Tucson with the roof rack loaded with our worldly possessions including mom’s wedding crystal.  It was January of 1949 when  we left Chicago in a snow storm and arrived in Tucson to snow flurries, not exactly […]

My Fitness Peeps

About two years ago I decided to join an adult fitness class sponsored by the Pima County Council on Aging.  I  had spent many years enjoying Jazzercise, but since my right arm isn’t very cooperative anymore I decided to change to a class where everyone can work at their own level without being a distraction.  […]

Cheaters Never . . .

I love old adages, you know the ones you heard growing up. “A penny saved is a penny earned.”  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, & wise. Here is one every elementary school kid learned in the school yard:  “Winners […]

The Bourbon Balls

Thanksgiving at my daughter’s was special, as always.  Everyone brought their favorite covered dish to share.  Bob and Janet brought enough dessert to feed everyone twice.  Bob is the kid’s dad, he and his wife, Janet, always make  special Thanksgiving desserts.  Bob makes a bourbon pecan pie that will make your tastes buds sing. I have to […]

Page By Page

      I love this idea. The New Year provides an opportunity to close the book on last year and start with a fresh page.  Think of it as a story yet to be written.                When Monty and I finish breakfast I pick up the Daily Word and […]

Welcome 2020

Another year has ended, this one takes on a special meaning because we are closing out a decade.  I’m looking forward to 2020, it has such a nice ring to it.  All the 20-teens were sort of cumbersome.  (kinda like the teens in life, I guess)  If you were born on February 29, get ready […]

Brain Games

Over the last couple of months, Monty and I have attended a lecture series on Total Brain Health sponsored by Tucson Medical Center.  In the first session, we learned about brain health, cell structure and function,  telemeters, genes and how to keep those neurons firing.   The focus was on good healthy habits that are […]

Can You Hear Me Now?

I recently come to the conclusion that my ears are big.  It was a startling realization as I looked in the mirror and noticed these large,  appendages hanging on the side of my head.  Now I’m a little paranoid, I wonder if anyone else has noticed Dr. Spock and I have something in common.   […]