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Snake Tails

Every  morning I load up the bird feeder with assorted seeds for our feathered friends that share our backyard.  Walking down the narrow path with the bird feeder and Daisy I spotted what looked like a four foot long snake.  I’d like to claim I was calm, cool, and collected but you’d see right through […]

Life Is A Numbers Game

The way I see it, life is a numbers game, made up of some tens and lots of twos.  There are some things that qualify as tens, birth and death qualify as tens along with a phone call from my kids.   Luckily for us most of life is made up of things on a sliding […]

The Peanuts Gang Celebrates 70 Years

There are a lot of things dividing the country at this time, the continuing pandemic, civil unrest, and  political turmoil.  Life was simpler when all we had to worry about was whether Lucy was finally going to let Charlie Brown kick the football.  This week we celebrate Charles Shultz and the Peanuts gang, celebrating their […]

One Scoop Or Two?

While sorting through the desk I discovered a yellowing newspaper clipping crunched in the back of the bottom drawer.  I carefully unfolded the crinkly paper and there was Erma Bombeck’s smiling face.   Erma kept the world entertained from her first column in 1960 until she passed away in 1996.   I hope you enjoy […]

Dinosaur Wars

This broadcast from KVOA TV in Tucson falls in the category of ‘Believe It Or Not’.   TUCSON (KVOA, Priscilla Casper) – Some might call it a Tucson icon, while others say it is a problem that needs to be dealt with. A dinosaur statue named Roxy Rex has been located at the intersection of […]

The Playbook

  While Monty and I are having breakfast and reading the newspaper we often interrupt each other to share a funny story.While glancing through the paper this morning I ran across a  paragraph written by a University president.  (Not ours, but from up north, no, farther north.) She is not going to renew her contract […]

The Identity Thief

What comes to mind when you hear the words Identity Theft? Stolen wallet, missing credit cards, someone using your social security number, and stomach churning panic? This kind of financial Identity Theft is scary and can happen in an instant.  How about our personal identity? Who are we? What identify us? Is it our political […]

Along the River

Here is a Colorado memory we revisited this month. Our favorite memory of the Dolores area is a couple we met there in 2009. Gordon and Jeanne Kuhlman are octogenarians who own land on the edge of town. Their property is split by the east/west road that runs through Dolores. To the South is their […]

It’s Puzzling

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.  With that thought we’ve been trying different activities here at the Bonello household.   We picked up a couple of jigsaw puzzles and we have enjoyed working them.   I was at a disadvantage because by the time I was six or seven, my brother and sister […]

The Engine That Could

Since Monty and I have been homebound for several months we have embarked on different projects.  A Jigsaw puzzle has become a permanent fixture on the dining room table, so we both stop there throughout the day.  I’ve done the usual household cleaning chores, hauled stuff to the Goodwill and even painted some patio furniture. […]