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His and Hers

I assume, like most couples, Monty and I have our separate duties around the house. He is the fearless leader of all things mechanical, I do the other stuff.  Conversation yesterday at our house:  Monty:  My underwear drawer is sort of empty, there are no socks or shorts.  I looked in the hamper and it’s […]

Are You a Bookworm?

I should have spent this pandemic year learning a second  language. Monty assures me sarcasm should not be considered my second language. I might have learned to play the fiddle, actually I kind of had my heart set on a ukulele, but alas my birthday, Christmas and Valentines Day passed without one appearing on the […]

Dear Diary

Dear Diary, Day 315  and we are still trapped in the house by a tiny virus.    My hair now rivals Rapunzul, although my body does not.  I’ve spent so much time sitting, my body now resembles the contours of the  Lazy Boy. (that is not a good thing)   You can only stay busy with […]

The Rhetorical Question

I know it’s a rhetorical question. ‘Did you find everything OK?’  If you are like me, the answer is sure, even if I couldn’t find the capers, I say sure, after all I’ll find them next trip.  I go to the grocery store once a week, even though capers come in a tiny jar I’m […]

Don’t Leave Home Without One

  Like Raj on The Big Bang, Monty has a new heartthrob, her name is Siri and thank goodness her sultry voice only resides on the phone.  Siri won’t even talk to me, as confident as I sound when I address her she simply ignores me.   Monty, on the other hand, can ask Siri […]

Dinner by Candle Light

Last week we enjoyed a romantic candle lit dinner.  No special occasion, it wasn’t planned, just sort of spontaneous, Ok the power went out, but still.   I was busy warming up New’s Eve leftovers when the lights flickered, hmmm that’s odd. No big deal, then a longer S.O.S. sort of thing. Hmmm, do we […]

Good Riddance 2020

Fleetwood Mac never sounded so good – the chorus from Don’t Stop really resonates today. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here It’ll be better than before Yesterday’s gone, yesterday’s gone Have we ever been happier to say yesterday’s gone?  Not just yesterday but the whole damn year.  Adios, sayonara, goodbye […]

Christmas Cookies

If everyone loves Christmas cookies,  why don’t we make little green leprechaun cookies for St. Patrick’s Day or turkey cookies for Thanksgiving, bunnies would be perfect for Easter?  I guess they are just a special because it is Christmas.     I enjoyed making Christmas cookies with the kids when they were young, we made […]

Wine for Two

My daughter, Tricia, gave us a most unusual gift.  On the first of December she arrived with a large box, an Advent wine collection .  What fun, we get twenty-four days of wine tasting!  The box has round punch out holes in the top indicating the 24 days until Christmas.  Just poke out the perforated […]

It’s A Waste

Even at the risk of being pelted with Dasani bottles, I admit to being a skeptic about recycling.  Oh, I do my part, depositing the junk mail in a basket and saving frozen pizza boxes, not the sticky take out kind, cheese and pepperoni being a no no in the recycle bin. But to be […]