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April = Florida

While enjoying a glass of wine on the patio, Monty mentioned  how often we’ve enjoyed trips to Florida in April.  I’ll always remember our first time, it was April 2002, we’d been retired for four months.  Up until retirement we  loved spending vacations camping in Utah or Colorado.  It was time to branch out to […]

You Got This

Today would have been Monty’s post opt appointment for cataract surgery, but it didn’t happen.  Luckily he hasn’t let the cataract situation get so bad that he can’t manage, but he was looking forward to getting it done and moving on.   Months ago I decided to ‘cowboy up’ and see doctor about a toe […]

Cabin Fever?

Cabin fever?  Maybe you finished the taxes and answered the census survey now you can hunker down and binge-watch Netflix. It would have been nice to have some March madness fun, but that is just not going to happen.  Monty mentioned the Corn Hole championships were on ESPN but I think he was putting me […]

TP Gone Viral

Coronavirus  – the mere whisper of the word sends America on a bee line to Costco for toilet paper.  We did our part, we circled the parking lot three times and lined up with everyone else to get in the door. We weren’t sure why we were there but everyone was desperate to get in […]

What’s in a Name

 In my family we are referred to by the name we were given.  I’ve never been anything other than Carrie, well I’ve been called a few other things, but that is not the point I’m trying to make.  My sister Marilyn has always been Marilyn and our brother Bert was always Bert. Some families choose […]

Tennis Anyone?

Maria Sharapova retired from tennis this week.  Maria won 5 grand slam tennis events, she was ranked the number one female player in the world for twenty-one weeks.  Maria won her first Grand Slam title at  Wimbledon in 2004 when she was just 17. Today, her net worth is $196 million. Her income from endorsements […]

Ahoy Matey

While watching the Australian Tennis Open a few weeks ago we were stuck by the commercial breaks showing river cruises.  You know, the ones where everyone looks happy, enjoying a glass of wine on the deck of a luxurious ship.  These happen to be beautiful people, but that is beside the point, they are all […]

Click Reserve!

 Every once in a while I enter a ‘dead zone’ searching for an enjoyable read.  It just seems nothing I pick up is what I want to read at that moment.   I feel a let down until I find the perfect book that sets me back on track again.   Recently I was closing […]

Potty Talk

According to Google, and who would argue with the Big G., Sir John Harington (1562-1612) was the inventor of the flushable toilet.  Thanks  to Johnny Carson, the only name I’ve ever associated with a toilet is none other than, Thomas Crapper. Oh, the irony!  A little background here, Mr. Crapper was an English businessman and […]

January 1949

When January rolls around I’m reminded of our move to Tucson. Not unlike the Beverly Hillbillies we arrived in Tucson with the roof rack loaded with our worldly possessions including mom’s wedding crystal.  It was January of 1949 when  we left Chicago in a snow storm and arrived in Tucson to snow flurries, not exactly […]