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“You Ready Ski Cat?”

“Hit It Jackson”

This is the perfect place to thank Monty, my best friend, husband, soulmate and traveling companion.  Without him there would be nothing to write about. The joy we share in life and traveling together is greater than either of would have believed possible.

We are a good team Monty is in charge of lug nuts and all things mechanical, oh, and he drives and holds the Zoe’s leash.  I’m in charge of food, riding shotgun to point out road kill, hollering ‘turn here’ and carrying the camera.  As you can see, we have all the bases covered.

When we met, Monty told me a story his Uncle Harry told him, about two fellas water skiing for the first time.

As the story goes, Jackson, and his brother Daryl, were eager to make a good impression at the lake resort. While Daryl climbed up on the pier, skies on and tow line in hand, Jackson revved up the ski boat. Jackson’s famous shout “You ready ski cat?”, and Daryl’s reply, “Hit it Jackson!” still reverberate along the shore! Every time I think about the guy on the pier flying thru the air it makes me laugh.

We don’t head out the drive way without Monty asking, “You ready ski cat?” I reply “Hit it Jackson” and the trip has begun.

We hope you enjoy these tales as we relive some of our fondest memories.

Carrie, Monty, Zoe and Mattie

Home Away From Home

When Monty and I met in 1990 he was an experienced camper and I was clueless about the whole camping thing. I’d never actually camped at all, but Monty had spent many evenings around the campfire in his earlier years, riding dirt bikes, fishing…